Picking The Perfect Gambling Vacation

I used to live just about twenty miles away from Las Vegas. It was easy for me to hop in my car at the end of the week and hit the casinos for a few hours. I was able to place a bet whenever I wanted to, and I admit that I became a bit spoiled with gambling.After all, there’s nothing like being able to play craps, poker, black jack, or slots anytime you desire. However, when I transferred to another state, my weekend casino trips were no longer practical. I had to plan an all-out gambling vacation whenever I wanted to gamble.There are some disadvantages to only being able to gamble while on a proper gambling vacation. It means that I could only play my favorite casino games once or twice a year, whereas I had been doing it nearly every weekend before I relocated.Going on a gambling vacation also means that I had to pay for an airplane ticket, rental car, and hotel room. This means that my gambling budget will be reduced, since this was money that I couldn’t wager at the tables,However, there are also advantages with going on a gambling vacation. For instance, I had become a more conservative and intelligent gambler. When I’m on a gambling vacation, I have to make smarter decisions because my budget has to last for the length of my trip. I realize that it could be months before I can come back to the casinos again.Another advantage is that there are travel agencies that offer deals to top casino destinations across the U.S. and around the world. They offer package discounts to some of the best hotels and resorts on any gambling vacation they sell, and they also add a number of casino chips and other bonuses as well.This means that I can save money in two different ways, and I can enjoy my vacation without spending too much money.If it has been a long time since you’ve felt the excitement wagering a few chips on casino tables, then you should consider taking a gambling vacation. It will not cost you too much money to make your way to the top gambling destinations, and you’ll have enough money to wager on all your favorite casino games.

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Compulsive Gambling-Wanna Bet?

“What time is it? I lost track. I have tome for one more—bet, that is. It will surely be the turning point; one that will get my special streak back on track. It always come back.; just not sure what’s taking so long this time. I must be doing something wrong or maybe I did something wrong and it’s my punishment. Maybe someone at the table is emitting bad vibes. You know luck works in mysterious ways.Oh-right—what time is it now? Oh no! I’m really late—again. I don’t think I can show up for work now, at this hour. They’ll be upset with me for not coming to work, but I’ll figure something out. For that matter, my wife isn’t going to be too happy with me either-especially after not coming home all night. She’s already given me the benefit of the doubt to get myself under control. I could lose another job and that will mean big trouble covering my losses. My 401K is gone and so are the college funds for my son and daughter. But, I still have time to win it all back. I can most likely double or triple my stake-right? After all, the kids are just in high school. Oh, yeah, I’ll have to pick up a cheap, fake wedding ring before I go home as well.I get these headaches. My insomnia really gets the best of me. I have to get my belly pain checked out soon. I think I’ve lost more weight. When I see myself in the mirror, I look terrible. I don’t enjoy much of anything anymore; On the other hand, that’s not necessarily true because when they approved cyber sports betting, I was elated! I feel guilty for a lot of this, but I can’t seem to stop. Maybe I have a problem, but it’s the only thing that excites me and when I win it makes it all good. I know that I’m the “lucky one” down deep. It will all be OK and then we’ll be on “Easy Street” and they’ll all thank me. Why’s the Sheriff talking to me with papers in his hand; are they for me? I wish my father was still around. I wish anybody was still around.”Compulsive gambling is an addiction like many others. There’s tolerance, withdrawal and awareness that these are harmful behaviors, but I do them anyway.The Science of GamblingThere have been years of research about gambling. It turns out there are many facets of gambling that are synonymous with drug addiction from a neuroscience perspective. Researchers have demonstrated brain changes as addiction develops. Specifically, in the middle of the cranium are a series of circuits known as the reward system that connects other regions of the brain that impact memory, movement, pleasure and motivation. According to the research, as a result of engaging in “activities that keeps us alive or helps us pass on our genes, neurons in the reward system squirt out a chemical called dopamine, giving us a little wave of satisfaction and encouraging us to make a habit of enjoying hearty meals and romps in the sack. When stimulated by amphetamine, cocaine or other addictive drugs, the reward system disperses up to 10 times more dopamine than usual… ” [Scientific American; Brain and Behavior; How the Brain Gets Addicted to Gambling]. Over time, the dopamine bath that the brain receives creates less sensitivity to drugs and more is required to produce the satisfaction derived from it. Just as a person addicted to drugs experiences this effect (tolerance), so does a person addicted to gambling. It has been demonstrated that as a result of the influx of the chemical dopamine, it can induce one to make more rash decisions and take more risks because risks and rewards are “more appealing.” As a matter of fact, based on studies of brain flow activities in the brains of people with substance use disorder and those with compulsive gambling, it appears that the same brain circuits are altered in many ways. This compulsivity robs people of their lives, their family, their jobs, and themselves!Treatment The research into compulsive gambling regarding genetics and neuroscience resulted in the American Psychiatric Association moving pathological gambling to the addiction’s chapter in the latest addition of the DSM-5. This has changed how psychiatrists approach treatment for compulsive gambling.There is no cure for gambling; no endpoint at which one is declared cured. The most important objective is to break its grasp, regardless of whether you are a “sometimes” gambler or you are compulsive. Therapeutic models include intensive individual treatment to specific group therapies. As in many disorders, one size does not fit all. Among the therapies is: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in which one learns to identify the thought processes that have created the compulsive conduct, and how to better manage their impact. Psychotherapy helps to deal with gambling triggers through individual or group sessions. Family Therapy can play an important role in compulsive gambling as families are often embroiled in the lifestyle and consequences of the addiction that their loved one suffers from. Setting limits on access to gambling opportunities is also important; especially in a time where it is more accessible than ever. There are also Residential Gambling Treatment Centers that may be a great choice for one’s journey to recovery.Most important, is that treatment is guided through a sensitive, patient professional who is well experienced and current in their knowledge about what the research has shown us.Don’t suffer alone…

Improve the Level of Health and Fitness of Your Body That Abuse and Neglect is Taking Away

When you were young your flesh was fresh and you felt strong and energetic, invincible, yet as you began to age, going from 20 to 30 years old things began their downward slide, you felt just a little more tired after a day of work, your waistline began to expand a little, with a layer of fat blurring any muscular definition you may have had. If you were an athlete in school or college the muscle tone you once had is now a faint memory, yet at this point you don’t realize you are on a downhill slope that will speed up with time becoming ever steeper until you are looking at a sheer vertical wall in front of you with no way back up and over the large out crop ledge above that you swung under on your way down to 40+years old.You can’t remember how you got here and don’t know to get back the way you came. So there you hang with low energy, sagging libido, middle age spread, narrowing shoulders, man boobs and carrying 30+ pounds of unhealthy body fat with things looking like there is only one way to go, down, to weakness, chronic fatigue, limited mobility, little or no sex life, depression, dependent on several expensive medications just to keep your body stabilized.How did you get here? Are you doomed to further degeneration? Can you reverse this prognosis? If so how do you go about reclaiming your health and fitness?How did you get here? Probably by taking your body and health for granted and not paying attention to the subtle negative changes that came slowly over time and even as you began to notice things degrading you bought into the insidious myth of the effects of aging, increased tiredness, shortness of breath, feeling weaker than you once did, aches and pains in your joints and muscles when you have pushed your body a little harder than normal, inability to perform sexually that is starting to become the norm instead of the exception.Instead of becoming alarmed you pacified yourself with the myth of aging and started taking it a little easier on yourself and as you gave way to age, age took more and more, a little older a little more inactive until you were conditioned to passively stand by and be robbed of your health and vitality without putting up a fight to hold your ground. Age did not take everything away, it was abuse and neglect.How long would your automobile, house, yard, relationship with your spouse or anything else that needs regular maintenance and upkeep last if left to fend for itself? You would divorced, sitting in a junk car that didn’t run parked in the driveway of a broken down shack in a yard over run with a jungle of weeds and all this didn’t happen simply because time went by but because you didn’t do anything to prevent the degradation as you noticed it.Are you doomed to further degeneration? That depends on how badly you have abused you body with drugs, smoking, alcohol, bad diet, and reckless abandonment leaving numerous injured muscles and joints due to unsafe lifting or work practices. Sadly you can’t expect to escape unscathed from such wanton past activity and I won’t lie and spare your feelings, but you can get back some of what you lost and this will be in direct proportion as to how badly you abused yourself and for how long.Can you reverse this prognosis? In most cases yes, to varying degrees depending on how far you slid downhill and how long you’ve been there, but with enough time, energy, and motivation you can make amazing improvements in reversing your present physical condition, but probably not by trying to copy others your age at the gym whom kept up with their fitness from youth to midlife, because you and they may be the same age chronologically but years apart in fitness levels, their bodies being as much as twenty years younger than yours.Do not despair, there is hope but you must approach things sensibly, not jumping into a program over your head, brushing off the notion of a full medical checkup because of pride or misplaced machismo. This approach could land you for a short stay in the hospital or a long stay in the cemetery. Better to be safe and humble than suffer the embarrassment of dropping to the floor clutching your chest in the middle of a crowded gym because of arrogance and pride.How do you go about reclaiming your health and fitness? By first realizing you are in danger of losing your health if you stay where you are. Secondly by deciding to do something about it.These two things combined are your first step to turning back your body’s clock and adding years of quality to your life. If you presently smoke, actively seek out a program to quit, join a support group, use the patch, ask family and friends to help you stay motivated, any or all of these, but most importantly resolve in your heart to succeed. Cut down on alcohol and if you have a problem with it stay away from it all together and get the help you need to quit. These two habits are real killers and it is easy to say get help and quit but another matter to do it, but if you approach these issues as if they were two facets of your total fitness plan and are just as important as training and diet and realize they are takers not givers, inner pollution, and a waste of money better spent on a gym membership and a trainer.If you don’t have these first two problems you are ahead of the game but whether you are or not you must start reading food ingredient labels and educate yourself to things such as high fructose corn syrup, modified corn starch, partially hydrogenated fats, saturated fats, trans fats, excess sodium and sugar. Choose meats lower in fat, eat more whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, get both soluble and non soluble fiber in your diet, but introduce fruit and fiber slowly if you are not used to them as they can cause distress if added in large amounts right away, and drink plenty of water daily.Next decide upon an exercise plan to progressively bring you back to a high level of fitness. After you have your doctors okay and if you are a self starter and did your research or have previous experience in training start out slow with a full body workout three times a week with one to two sets of an exercise for each muscle group and don’t push yourself too hard for the first four weeks to give your body time to adjust to exercising and to prevent excessive soreness.Once this break in period is passed you can gradually begin to push yourself a little harder and as your workouts get harder drop to two full body workouts a week, say Monday and Friday and add a few more exercises and sets to work your muscles from a few different angles, but don’t suddenly pile on the exercises and sets because contrary to popular belief more isn’t always better. It took you a while to lose your level of fitness and it will take a while to get it back, but you will get there if you are progressive and consistent.As for aerobic exercise, start out with walking for thirty to forty five minutes everyday, then gradually choose routes with a few small hills, and walk at a good clip with real purpose, not speed walking but not lackadaisical either.If you have never exercised before or are confused about how to proceed, hire a trainer for a few sessions to educate you on proper form and function of exercising the various major muscle groups. Before long you will be less winded, less tired, stronger, have more endurance, confidence, and turn back the clock on your body to have a lean, fit, muscular body that defies age.