Do You Have a Personal Financial Plan?

In today’s economy it is more important than ever to have a personal financial plan and manage your money. Having a financial plan that fits your financial life style can help you obtain the direction you want and help you manage your finances and achieve your financial goals in life. With America’s national debt growing out of control it is time to take a look at what we can do as Americans to change the way we live financially. Do you currently have a personal financial plan or are you in debt?The first thing to do is get a personal financial plan together for achieving your goals financially. Where do you want to be financially for the short term and the long term? Look at your financial position, adequate protection, tax planning, investment goals, investments and estate. Once you have your goals in place, then you must come up with a plan. The plan should consist of goals and should be realistic in regards to what you want to achieve with your financial goals. So where do you start?Find out what your debt to income ratio is. One of the main reasons why people go into debt is because they live above their means and don’t pay attention to how much they are spending. Spending money is a behavior. Most people in America have been raised and taught to go to college and that college will provide you the lifestyle you want. This is not necessarily true. If you go to college and graduate, then you have to find a job that can pay for the loans and everything else you desire. People are consumed and concerned mostly with having a social status in their community that makes them feel important and superior or secure about what people or friends think of them. However, most people don’t consider the fact that buying the fancy car, home, or obtaining loans and paying for education has to be paid back in time. Controlling your behavior towards money can be accomplished by managing a personal financial plan.Having a personal financial plan will allow you an over view of what you can afford. It will allow you to analyze your wants versus your needs. The plan, regardless of your income or debt you have accumulated also provides a way for you to see how to avoid major financial mistakes in the future. The personal financial plan will consist of managing your risks and help you retire at a much earlier age and also help you make decisions about where your money will go when you are deceased. If you have not started a plan then it would be wise to start one now so you can live a comfortable lifestyle now and later on in life.